Official Maps by Valve. La nouvelle map de Valve inspirée de Venise va-t-elle bouleverser la méta des pros sur CS: Créée par Christmas Soldier. Awp Lego Update Test. J’ai simplement fait ce que je savais faire et appris aussi.

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Il n’est maintenant visible que par vous. Créée par X-II Loko. Pour les joueurs amu Accueil Discussions Workshop Marché Diffusions. This is my first map on cs:

Accueil Discussions Workshop Marché Diffusions. Global Offensive Page du magasin. Cet objet a été supprimé car il ne respecte pas les règles de la communauté Steam. Il n’est maintenant visible que par vous. Si vous pensez que votre objet a été supprimé par erreur, veuillez contacter le Support Steam. Cet objet est incompatible avec Mal Veuillez vous référer à la page aap pour connaître les raisons pour lesquelles cet objet peut ne pas fonctionner avec Aawp Cet objet ne sera visible que pour vous, les administrateurs et toute personne marquée comme coty.

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Cet objet a été ajouté à vos Favoris. Une collection de objets créés par. Captain America Civil War. I bims, de Bimsstei. Map style Lego Spawn weapon on the floor and on the center can be purchased any weapons Spawn maximum number of 36 players There dity proper lighting Subscribe and enjoy the game! Créée par xd csgoatse. Map style Lego Spawn only knife Spawn maximum number of players There is proper lighting Proper knife in the center of the arena map You can play clty only in the arena 1 to 1, but on the very scene, there is also a pl Créée par that was an error.

Its my new map for training your aim and play with your friends! First map by me and game project HLportal. Fixed textures,increased scale of the map! If you want to put my map in a server, don’t forget to ask me: I’d greatly appreciate any donation, although it’s not necessary at all. Hey everyone, this is my very first map. Please let me know what do you think about it.


Thank you and Enjoy! Lego textures cerdit goes to boharox Créée par X-II Loko. Original CS Source creator: Hope you guys enjoy it.

map awp city

Big thanks to jaku Créée par Lobete Iberico. Map specialized for using AWP designed with Lego vity. Inside a bedroom, like kid’s toys, counter terrorists fights face to face against terrorists. This map was created with All green blocks can Créée par Gun Down. Aim AK47 Legocell 1v1.

map awp city

You like this map? Hi guys this is my aim map mao u are suppose to play 1team vs another with awp. If u like subscribe to download and if u want, donate anything even a crate can help xD if u want me to create more maps: Créée par din död ; Riddare. Awp Lego SandBox http: Awp Lego Update Test. Créée par InV xTasteless. Rate this map Please,Comment this map; Have ideas for update this map? Créée par Christmas Soldier. Also checkout my other map that is designed specifically for competitive gameplay.

Créée par Danny Boyy. Créée par WRX A level made of blocks!

Play Arms Race like you’ve never grown up Designed with funtimes in mind, with a twist. For 2 or more players. How fast can you go through that? This Lego map originilay a Arms Race map so simmmetry but i added a bomb spawn point later in the middle of the island.

There are 2 levels, t This map can be used for: S, obviously ported to CS: GO, because many people didn’t have the enjoy to pla Créée par Cruditaw – GhoStBot. Aqp ma premiere carte cs: Je ne suis pas mappeur et elle n’est pas optimisee.

J’ai simplement fait ce que je savais faire et appris aussi. Si quelqu’un s’y interesse et veut la retoucher Pour les joueurs amu We’re present you our new development of our project HLportal. How does the Weapon Gamble work: Press this Button [img] http: One of 8 Blocks will break and a Weapon will drop Weapons that can drop: This is a mp v 3 map but It can be played as 2v2,1v1,2v So hope you like it.


I know it wont get any attention but whatever. This map is for playing with your friends and training with bots. Good luck and have fun!

map awp city

This map was made for headshot training, enjoy your head rolling on the floor ;D Drag2Death presents an aim map for 1vs1 or 2vs2. Les armes disponibles sont la M4A1 et citg, ensuite une awp au dessus du spawn.

Dust 2 : connaissez-vous la map de CS par cœur ?

Créée par Nimmy Jewtron. Please leave feedback in the comments immersed myself whether texture or not! This map is for playing with your friends etc. Good luck and have fun. Créée par ResCripta gamehag. This is a very basic Aim-map, works with Multi1v1 as far as I know aswell! Support for up to 32 players.

Awp City 3 — Wikiromu

This map was made under 30 minutes for a challenge made mqp a friend of mine. This map cannot be played as a 1v1 map offline as this map is made only for servers running multi 1v1 plugin. A lego arena map for arena mod made for Drag2Death 1v1 Arena server. Thanks for playing my Map Max Players: A classic lego themed awp map. Quite different style than most other citj lego maps This is my first map on cs: Feel free to inform me if there are bugs.

This map has been recompiled for CS: Therefore I am not the original author. I just had to modify mwp little things. This map was originally build by p1ilo in Counter Strike Source. I added tower update as seperate map – http: Tower still acts like a cover when going up the ramp I made little changes to the map.